About Web Bro

Older Brother

He first got into web design back when HTML1 was young. The Dead Sea Scrolls had just been put online and FreeNets ruled cyberspace. He used text editors and dial up modem connections to venture into web design as a young teenager on the Grand Rapids Free Net. Always looking for efficient ways to accomplish things, he continued developing his skills into college, implementing web features such as guestbooks, hit counters, forms and putting his graduation portfolio on the web. Maintaining a tight connection to techy things, he worked for the IT department at his college, assisting with software usage, installation, and hardware maintenance. With a bright mind and keen perception, he is quick to understand clients' needs when it comes to their web experience. Capable of explaining complex terms to internet newcomers, and able to directly communicate with experienced web techs, he knows how to meet clients where they are and get them to where they want to go. The brothers' combined experience includes: college degree in computer science, legendary first words as a baby "Radio Shack Computer!", making a Monopoly-like computer game as a child, first website development at age 12, hardware maintenance jobs, and even as children everyone assumed we knew everything about computers because our dad is a computer genius. We've come a long way since those days.

Younger Brother

Computer science degree: check. Web site and server maintenance job experience: check. SEO optimization knowledge: check. All around great guy: check. Younger Brother's ability to focus in on projects from the customer's perspective allows him to fully address the unique needs of each customer. By beginning with the big picture and narrowing into all the details, he ensures that everything is taken care of per the customer's specifications. He's good at translating what you need and want into 1's and 0's of computer language.

We're easily accessible for your questions and addressing your web needs. We know what it's like to deal with large companies and the value of reaching a "live one" when you're going crazy trying to figure something out. We'll make your web experience a breeze (we'll handle the craziness so you don't have to!)

Here's what our customers have to say!

I have had my web site hosted with WebBro for several months and it has gone very smoothly. The site runs fine and I have had quick replies when I had any questions. I would recommend WebBro to others who are looking for web site hosting or help with a web site. - John

When we wanted to redesign our church website, we approached Web Bro Hosting and Design, and were not disappointed. They worked with us to meet the needs of our congregation, and has a great understanding of what "works" for church websites. He trained our web administrators to maintain the site, but is also there when things don't work as they should. We have found the Drupal based platform is a great improvement from our old site because the site can be updated from any computer, and we can control access for different committees to update their pages. We all agree Web Bro Hosting is our "one-stop shop" for our church website! - Nathan

So far, so good. - Andrew

They were willing to work to our high standards, and very prompt in making any adjustments needed. They made the website very quickly, and had it exactly how we wanted within just a few days. I'm very satisfied, and pleased to have saved some serious cash along the way. Not only do they perform the initial work, they help you along the way, after your site is up and running. - Ben