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'Smart' Programming Language

'Smart' Programming Language

Appliance and 'smart' tool communication

It's amazing what products can do these days. A screwdriver has sensors to detect changes in torque and turn off the motor before stripping a screw. A microwave has sound sensors to monitor the time between popping corn kernels to adjust popcorn cooking time. An outlet cover has built-in LEDs to free up outlets for things other than nightlights.

As appliances and tools get smarter, connecting them in useful ways becomes more important. Take the example of a home environment. It has been common for a long time for smoke detectors to be hard wired and connected to local fire departments, so if smoke is detected the fire squad can show up without a human being around to hear the alarm and make the call. Not every home is equipped with this level of smoke detection, but what about a smoke detector that sends an alert to your television screen, cell phone, car dashboard. The value of having our common household devices 'teched up' and communicating with each other is immense.

AllJoyn is an open source project for all brands and devices to use for common communication. It's worth looking into.