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Appliance and 'smart' tool communication

It's amazing what products can do these days. A screwdriver has sensors to detect changes in torque and turn off the motor before stripping a screw. A microwave has sound sensors to monitor the time between popping corn kernels to adjust popcorn cooking time.

Even you. So post nice!

One of the great freedoms of the internet is that anyone can do anything. This is also, obviously, one of the great risks. Hedging bets and limiting risk is a big reason that led to "reputation management" services.

Where did they all go?

Missing links - (aka link loss) occurs often when upgrading a website from one CMS to another or from a static HTML site to a dynamic php powered creation.

Also known as 'What is going on?!'

WSOD - white screen (of death) While some claim that the appendage 'of death' lends to the overdramatic, it remains a popular description of a cause of immense frustration to users and developers alike.

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