Get started! Your next design project will be a breeze

Need to add an experienced designer to your technical team? This is the place to start! Simply tell us what you need and our design team will set it up for you. We can either host your website for you, or we can work with your existing host to ensure that the new design will work smoothly under your server settings. We specialize in supporting Wordpress CMS and design primarily with Drupal, an open source Content Management System to create a secure website accessible to the public and administrative users for management purposes. 

From $400

  • Choose from several basic site themes (can be customized) featuring your logo, site name, slogan, mission statement, etc. Many navigation menu styles available including simple style, drop-down, left flyout-right, right flyout-left.
  • As many pages as you want of customized content including image gallery, contact, custom text with images, text only, etc. Complete site re-design of your current website, bringing either a fresh look or we'll copy your existing look. You can tell us how you want it to look.
  • You'll receive access to the work in progress within the first 48 hours to navigate your way around and provide feedback. It typically takes us 5 business days to complete a Basic website design and setup.
  • Our Domain Registration services are optional, though one year's worth are included free and are automatically renewable at our published rates.
  • All design packages include security updates during the design period. See below for ongoing security update options.

From $800

  • Progressive site features including a variety of e-Commerce options, shopping carts, secure checkout and more! Sell your products online and integrate your online sales with conventional bookkeeping and reports.
  • Client-maintained site with ability to edit, delete, and add a variety of content types such as articles, products, pages, images, videos, songs, and more. Designs based on client's existing site, professional templates, new custom design per client specifications. Both public site and admin site to be designed to client's satisfaction.
  • Multi-site capability with sub-domains, parked domains, and we'll set up all your DNS settings and train you to manage them.

From $1500

  • Advanced features include site visitor account creation, user management, database integration. Full site design based on client needs using professional themes or custom templates. Search optimization for best web search placement.
  • Mutli-site development including sub-domains, parked domains with multiple themes possible. Advanced blog sites, forums with public accesible content and user account privileged access. Company intranets ideal for multiple office locations that need access to common information.
  • Optional retainer schedule for quarterly site improvements that require adding features as your organization grows. 

Go further - expand your team

Need a sounding board for your web needs? Want to consult us as your project gets underway? Non-profit looking for some assistance? We offer consulting services to partner with your project manager and development team. We are happy to offer special service packages to non-profits and religious organizations. Contact us for details!

Website Security

Your website is built with Drupal CMS (, a system like Wordpress that requires regular maintenance to remain secure. We apply these security updates for you through a monthly subscription to our Package Deal Plan which includes security maintenance ($20/month). Security updates are important to attend to promptly to maintain the security of your website and avoid unauthorized nefarious actions. Our security maintenance plan also includes frequent website database backups.